Your Daily Dose of Mindfulness

Explore our various class offerings to learn the basics of mindfulness, strengthen your focus, reduce daily stress, or improve your empathy.
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New to mindfulness meditation? Join our beginners class for those just starting to tame their monkey mind.


Be a more productive & effective individual – improve your attention, focus, memory, and mindfulness


Improve your quality of life – handle stressful situations with a cool head and remove anxiety from your life


Get more energy in your day – improve your brain’s inherent ability for restful, uninterrupted sleep


Remove negativity in your life – improve your empathy & ability to not let other people affect your emotional state

Track your progress

In all other aspects of fitness, you can tangibly measure your progress. We aim to be no different.


All ANIMA offerings include the latest in wearable tech: a comfortable, state-of-the-art EEG-sensing headband that measures your brain waves for the duration of each class.

This allows us to precisely measure when you’re maintaining stable attention to your breath (heightened alpha & theta waves) or allowing your mind to wander (sudden increases in beta waves). Furthermore, all Stress classes also measure your electro-dermal activity through a galvanic skin response sensor.

Each class includes a brain wave data readout emailed directly to you, so you can tangibly track the progress of your mindfulness practice.

The neuroscience of mindfulness

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